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   Full text of "The Talmud Of Jmmanuel."

Full text of "The Talmud Of Jmmanuel."      

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The Discovery Of The Talmud

In 1963 a Swiss born man named Eduard Albert Meier, who the world
now knows as ' Billy Meier ' , and his ex-Greek-Orthodox priest friend Isa
Rashid took an afternoon walk along a roadway a little to the South of the
Old City of Jerusalem. And during that afternoon walk Albert Meier
happened to glance upwards and spied a small opening in the ground that
took his interest.

Finding himself curious Albert Meier took a torch-light from his back-
pack and examined the opening, which was found to continue inwards.
And so, Albert and his friend Isa Rashid dug out enough of the
surrounding earth to allow them to gain entrance to some sort of chamber.

What they both found after crawling inside was an old tomb in a state of
disrepair and half-filled with earth. However, after clearing more of the
soil away Albert Meier and Isa Rashid discovered a package beneath a
flat rock, which they took back to Isa Rashid' s home to examine. The
package was said to be about 60 cm long and 25 cm wide, and was found
to hold four separate rolls of Aramaic writings which took the name of
'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel'.

Luckily Isa Rashid had some Palestinian background in his family, and so
he found he could read the old Aramaic text. And the first thing that Isa
Rashid noticed was that the title page showed that Judas Iscarioth had
authored this collection of Spiritual Knowledges on behalf of his Teacher
and Guide who was named Jmmanuel . Isa Rashid also noted extra-
terrestrial links within 'The Talmud', as it was made clear that that real
father of the Biblical Adam was named Semjasa, who was a 'distant
traveller' from the far reaches of Mankind's Universe, and an aid to 'El'
[or 'God'].

It became very clear to both Isa Rashid and Albert Meier that this
collection of Ancient Scrolls, much like ' The Book of Henoch ' and other
so-called 'apocryphal' writings, was going to be considered 'heretical'
because of its content: which strongly contradicted the 'popular' Biblical
teachings of the later-day Established Churches. Not only were extra-
terrestrial links presented in 'The Talmud', but it was also made clear that

1 Pronounced 'Immanuel'. And who the Established Churches later erroneously
named 'Jesus'.


Judas Iscarioth was actually the friend, student and official scribe/
recorder of the Master Jmmanuel. The Scrolls also stated that Judas
Iscarioth never did spite his friend and teacher Jmmanuel in the run-up to
the Biblical crucifixion event, as the real culprit of that venomous act was
a man named Juda Ihariot, who was the son of Simeon, the Pharisee.

The Translation

Because of the nature of the revelations made clear in the teachings of
'The Talmud', Isa Rashid offered to translate the document in secret, in
the hope that the finished version could be made available to the world.
Also interestingly, and prophetically, Albert Meier had already been told
seven years before co-discovering 'The Talmud Of Jmmanuel' that he
was destined to become the man that would make it available to the

Anyway, Isa Rashid spent a few months checking the highlights of 'The
Talmud' and imparting them to his friend Albert Meier. And then Isa
Rashid began a formal translation in August 1963 into German [Albert
Meier's native language], whilst Albert Meier continued onwards to
Mehrauli India to train under a Hindu Guru and to further his own
spiritual knowledges.

And after a year in India Albert Meier continued onwards and journeyed
to Turkey, where he met a Greek lady named Kalliope Zafiriou in 1965.
And who became his travelling companion in Asia, and later his wife and
the mother of Albert's three children when they came to the town of
Hinwil in Switzerland to make a home together.

Meanwhile Isa Rashid worked on the German translation of 'The Talmud
Of Jmmanuel', which he completed up to the 36 th Chapter, and which he
posted in 1970 in two separate packages to an address in Switzerland that
had been the home of Albert Meier's parents. Amazingly, although Albert
Meier's parents were no longer living at that particular house, in 1974 the
postal office at Neuthal 3 forwarded the two packets onto him. And in the
same 'round-about' manner Albert Meier also received a personal letter
from Isa Rashid that spoke about the translation project becoming 'known


During a twelve year spiritual quest Albert Meier had travelled to forty-two different

Which was very close to the town of Hinwil where Albert Meier was living with


to certain authorities' 4 which resulted in him fleeing from Jerusalem to a
refugee camp in Lebanon along with his family. However, Isa Rashid's
presence also became known to the Israeli authorities and the refugee
camp was bombed during an Israeli air-raid 5 . And this air-raid forced Isa
Rashid to flee again to Baghdad without The Scrolls, where he had
posted his final letter to Albert Meier.

Sadly in 1976 Albert Meier learned that Isa Rashid and his entire family
were assassinated in Baghdad shortly after posting that last letter.

Who Really Wrote The Talmud Of Jmmanuel?

Well, most the body of 'The Talmud' was penned by Jmmanuel' s official
'scribe' Judas Iscarioth during the life and times leading up to, and
following, the crucifixion event.

Though to trace the point when 'The Talmud' was originally finalised, we
will need to examine what some people believe to be more controversial
aspects of the Master Jmmanuel' s life, which takes our investigation to
the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, and then onwards into India.

And here comes some more of the so-called 'apocrypha', in that 'The
Talmud Of Jmmanuel' makes it very clear that the Master Jmmanuel
['Jesus'] never did die on The Cross. He only ever fell into a trance-like
condition, due to the Arch- Angel Gabriel twinning with Jmmanuel' s body
to induce a death-like stupor. And inside the tomb of Joseph of
Arimathea, Jmmanuel was revived by a team of Hindu healers before He
set off to India to continue with His Teachings.

In-fact it is believed by many scholars that the full story was only ever
completed in India in the early second century. Also, there is a great deal

4 In the letter Isa Rashid sent, he stated that he had been 'persecuted by two different
groups, both Christians and Jews, which was to be anticipated, because the rolls are
not favourable towards either religion' . The letter was headed 'Baghdad, September

5 There was a series of raids during June 18-20, in 1974. These were Israeli air raids
upon several refugee camps in South- West Lebanon, 'reported' to be in retaliation for
a guerrilla incursion into Chamir in Northern Israel on June 13th. It is believed that
the June 18th raid was designed to eliminate 'The Scrolls', and that the raids upon the
several other refugee camps on the following two days [June 19-20] were intended to
divert attention away from the real reason for the first raid.


of evidence stating that after Jmmanuel's genuine death in the Kashmir
region in early 2 nd century, that 'The Scrolls' were carried back to the
Palestinian or Anatolian region by Jmrnanuel's oldest son Joseph. And
Joseph evidently released a second copy of 'The Teachings' somewhere
in that region, since that copy found its way into the hands of the apostle
Matthew 6 .

However, Joseph also preserved and hid the original Rolls within the
tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, just south of the Old City of Jerusalem.
And there they lay until Albert Meier and Isa Rashid re-discovered them
in 1963.

Let's also be aware that it is made clear in 'The Talmud' that 'The
Teachings' were originally written down by Judas Iscariot who travelled
with Jmmanuel to India after the crucifixion, along with Judas-Thomas
[Jmmanuel's brother] and Mother Mary.

And so, to answer my original question which was centred around "who
wrote The Talmud", what we find is that it was mostly written by Judas
who was present at all of Jmrnanuel's lectures both before the crucifixion
event, and after Jmmanuel travelled and taught in India. Though it also
seems very clear to me that Jmmanuel's oldest son Joseph added the
'final touches' to the pages, and also made at least one other copy which
became known as 'The Book Of Mathew'.

Table Of Contents


Discovery Of The Talmud Page 2

The Translation Page 3

Who Really Wrote The Talmud Of Jmmanuel? Page 4

Chapter 1

The Genealogy Of Jmmanuel 8

The Birth Of Jmmanuel 12

6 Interestingly, critical biblical scholars like Herman N. Ridderbos do not consider the
apostle Matthew to be the original author of this Gospel. In-fact, it is believed that
either Judas Iscariot or Jmrnanuel's son Joseph rendered a second copy of 'The
Talmud' which at some time found it's way into the hands of the apostle Mathew, and
which later took on the title 'The Book Of Mathew' .


Chapter 2

The Wise Men From The Orient 13

Chapter 3

John the Baptist 15

Chapter 4

Jmrnanuel's Arcanum 18

Chapter 5

The Sermon On The Mount 23

Chapter 6

Alms, Fasting, Treasures, Concerns 26

Chapter 7

The Spirit of Judgment 30

Response To Prayer 31

Chapter 8

The Healing Of The Leper 33

The Centurion At Capernaum 33

Jmmanuel In The House Of Peter 34

On The Seriousness Of Discipleship 35

The Healing Of Two Possessed Persons 35

Chapter 9

Healing Of The Paralytic 36

Matthew 37

Fasting 37

The Daughter Of Jairus - The Woman With Haemophilia 38

A Blind Man And Two Mutes 38

The Great Harvest 39

Chapter 10

Commissioning Of The Disciples 40

Chapter 11

The Baptist's Question 44

In Praise Of The Spirit And The Knowledge 45

Chapter 12

Regarding Marriage And Cohabitation 47

Chapter 13

Jmmanuel And The Sabbath 49

Chapter 14

The Wrongdoings Of Judas Iscariot 51

Chapter 15

The Meaning Of The Parables 54

The Weeds Among The Good Fruit 57

The Mustard Seed 58

The Leaven 58

The Treasure In The Field And The Priceless Pearl 58

The Fish Net 59

In Nazareth 59

Chapter 16

Herod And The Baptist 61

The Feeding Of The Five Thousand 62

Walking On The Sea 63

Chapter 17

Human Commandments And The Laws Of Creation

Chapter 18

The Pharisees Demand a Sign 67

The Leaven And The Pharisees 73

Peter's Faith 69

Proclamation Of The Passion 70

Chapter 19

The Nature Of A Child's Thinking 73

The Errors Of Your Neighbour 74

Chapter 20

Marriage, Divorce, And Celibacy 75

Blessing Of The Children 76

Chapter 21

Two Blind Persons 77

Chapter 22

Entry Into Jerusalem 80

Purging Of The Temple 81

Back In Jerusalem 82

Chapter 23

Tax Money 85

Rebirth 86

The Greatest Commandment 87

Chapter 24

Against The Scribes And Pharisees 89

Chapter 25

The Prophecy 94

Chapter 26

Laws And Commandments 99

Proverbs Of Wisdom 100

The False Teachings Of Saul 101

Suicide 103

Chapter 27

The Disciples' Agitation 104

In Bethany 106

The Last Supper 107


Chapter 28

In Gethsemane 109

The Capture 110

Jmmanuel Before The High Council 112

The Denial By Peter 114

Chapter 29

The Suicide of Juda Ihariot 115

Before Pilate 116

The Conviction of Jmmanuel 118

Chapter 30

Defamation of Jmmanuel 120

Prophetic Declaration 120

The Crucifixion 120

Entombment 124

Chapter 31

Jmmanuel's Flight From The Tomb 125

Jmmanuel's Meetings With His Disciples 128

Chapter 32

Jmmanuel's Farewell 130

Chapter 33

Jmmanuel In Damascus 134

Chapter 34

Teaching About Creation 136

Chapter 35

Cults around Jmmanuel 142

Chapter 36

Humankind and Creation 146

Epilogue 149

Letter From Isa Rashid 151


Chapter 1 - The Genealogy of Jmmanuel

1. This is the book and arcanum of Jmmanuel, who is called "the one with
godly knowledge" who is the son of Joseph, grandson of Jacob, a distant
descendant of David. David was a descendant of Abram [Abraham],
whose genealogy traces back to Adam, the father of a lineage of
terrestrial humans.


Adam was begotten by Semjasa, the leader of the celestial sons who were
the guardian angels of god, the great ruler of the travellers from afar 7 .

2. Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of god, the great ruler of
the voyagers who travelled here through vast expanses of the universe,
took a terrestrial woman and begot Adam, the father of the white human

3. Adam took for himself an Earth wife and begot Seth.

4. Seth begot Enos.

5. Enos begot Akjbeel.

6. Akjbeel begot Aruseak.

7. Aruseak begot Kenan.

8. Kenan begot Mahalaleel.

9. Mahalaleel begot Urakjbarameel.

10. Urakjbarameel begot Jared.

11. Iared begot Henoch.

12. Henoch begot Methusalah.

13. Methusalah begot Lamech.

14. Lamech begot Tamjel.

15. Tamjel begot Danel.

16. Danel begot Asael.

17. Asael begot Samsafeel.

18. Samsafeel begot Jomjael.

19. lomjael begot Turel.

20. Turel begot Hamech.

21. Hamech begot Noah.

22. Neah begot Sem.

23. Sem begot Arpachsad.

24. Arpachsad begot Batraal.

25. Batraal begot Ramuel.

26. Ramuel begot Askeel.

27. Askeel begot Armers.

28. Armers begot Salah.

29. Salah begot Eber.

30. Eber begot Peleg.

31. Peleg begot Regu.

32. Regu begot Serug.

33. Serug begot Araseal.

34. Araseal begot Nahor.

7 The title "god" is not capitalized unless it refers to the Judeo-Christian God [The
Talmud Of Jmmanuel] .


35. Nahor begot Thara.

36. Thara begot Abraham.

37. Abraham begot jsaak.

38. jsaak begot Jacob.

39. jacob begot ]uda.

40. ]uda begot Ananj.

41. Ananj begot Ertael.

42. Ertael begot Perez.

43. Perez begot Hezron.

44. Hezron begot Ram.

45. Ram begot Amjnadab.

46. Amjnadab begot Savebe.

47. Savebe begot Nahesson.

48. Nahesson begot Sahna.

49. Sahna begot Boas.

50. Boas begot Obed.

51. Obed begot Jesse.

52. jesse begot David.

53. David begot Solomon.

54. Solomen begot Asa.

55. Asa begot Gadaeel.

56. Gadaeel begot josaphat.

57. Josaphat begot lora.

58. jora begot Armeneel.

59. Armeneel begot Usj a.

60. Usj a begot Jothan.

61. Jothan begot Gadreel.

62. Gadreel begot Ahas.

63. Ahas begot Jtjskja.

64. Jtjskja begot Manasse.

65. Manasse begot Amen.

66. Amen begot Josj a.

67. Josja begot Jojachjn.

68. Jojachjn begot Sealthjel.

69. Sealthjel begot Jequn.

70. Jequn begot Serubabel.

71. Serubabel begot Abjud.

72. Abjud begot Eljakjm.

73. Eljakjm begot Asor.

74. Asor begot Zadok.

75. Zadok begot Achjm.

76. Achjm begot Eljud.

77. Eljud begot Eleasar.


78. Eleasar begot Matthan.

79. Matthan begot Jacob.

80. Jacob begot Joseph.

81. Joseph was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, who was
impregnated by a distant descendant of the celestial son, Rasiel, who was
the guardian angel of the secret.

82. When Joseph heard of Mary's secret impregnation by a descendant of
the celestial sons from the lineage of Rasiel, behold, he was filled with
wrath and thought of leaving Mary before he would be married to her
before the people.

83. While Joseph was thinking in this manner, behold, a guardian angel,
sent by Gabriel, the celestial son who had impregnated Mary, appeared
and said:

84. "Joseph, Mary is betrothed to you, and you are to become her spouse;
do not leave her, because the fruit of her womb is chosen for a great
purpose. Marry her in all openness, so that you may be husband and wife
before the people.

85. "Behold, the impregnation of Mary occurred eleven thousand years
after the procreation of Adam through the celestial son Semjasa, to fulfil
the word of god, the ruler of those who travelled from afar, who
conveyed these words through the prophet Isaiah:

86. "'Behold, a virgin will be impregnated by a celestial son before she is
married to a man before the people.

87. "They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated
means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honour to god.
Through god's power and providential care the Earth was made to bear
intelligent human life when the celestial sons, the travellers from the far
reaches of the universe, mated with the women of Earth.

88. "Behold, god and his followers came far from the depths of space,
where they delivered themselves from a strong bondage, and created here
a new human race and home with the early women of this Earth.

89. "God deserves the honour of people of Earth, for behold; he is the
true originator of the white and of coloured Earth humans, and to him
honour should be given.


90. "Except for him there is nothing equal in form for these human
lineages created by him. Besides him, therefore, people should have no
other gods who created other human lineages in other parts of the Earth.

91. "Except for god there is nothing of comparable form worthy of
veneration. Over him and his celestial sons reigns only the omnipotence
of all creation: Creation itself, which should be revered.

92. "Behold, therefore; over the Earth reigns god, the master of the
celestial sons and the people of the white and coloured terrestrial

93. "God is the lawgiver for these human populations and, therefore, his
wishes should be fulfilled by man and woman.

94. "God, the lord, is generous in his love, but also terrible in his wrath
when his laws are disobeyed.

95. "Mary's impregnation is god's law, and you, Joseph, are to be her
husband in matrimony"

The Birth Of Jmmanuel

96. When Joseph heard this, however, he was mindful of his devoutness
to god's laws, so he brought Mary home and married her before the

97. At this time a decree went out from Emperor Augustus, that all the
world should be counted.

98. This census was the first of its kind and occurred at the time that
Cyrenius was governor in Syria.

99. All went to be assessed, each to his own town.

100. Joseph of Galilee, of the town of Nazareth, also went with his wife
Mary into the Judaic land to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem,
because he was of the house and lineage of David,

101. in order to be assessed with his wife, Mary, who was pregnant by the
celestial son Gabriel from the lineage of Rasiel.

102. When they were there, the time came for her to give birth.


103. Since they could find no shelter, they spent the night in a stable.

104. And Mary bore her first son on the straw, wrapped him in cloth, and
laid him in a manger near the animals, because there was no other room
for her in the inn.

Chapter 2 - The Wise Men From The Orient

1. When Jmmanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the shelter in
the land of the Jews during the time of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee
and Peraea, behold, wise men arrived in Jerusalem from the Orient and

2. "Where is the newborn king of wisdom of the Jews?

3. "We have seen a bright light in the sky and heard a voice saying,

4. "Follow the tail of the light, because the king of wisdom of the Jews is
born, who will bring great knowledge.

5. "Therefore we have come to worship the newborn king of wisdom.

6. "He shall possess the knowledge of god and be a son of the celestial
son Gabriel.

7. "His knowledge will be boundless, as will be his power to control
human consciousness, so that humans may learn and serve Creation."

8. When Herod Antipas heard of this, he was frightened, and with him
everyone in Jerusalem, because they feared that the newborn child would
wield dreadful power.

9. Herod Antipas called together all the chief priests and scribes from
among the people and inquired of them where Jmmanuel had been born.

10. And they replied: "In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it was
written by the prophet Micah:

11. "And you, Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, are by no means the
least among the cities in Judea, for from you shall come forth the king of
wisdom, who will bring great knowledge to the people of Israel so that
they may learn and serve Creation.'"


12. Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly and diligently
asked them when the bright light with the long tail had appeared in the

13. He later directed them to Bethlehem, and said, "Go and search
diligently for the young child and when you find him, let me know, so
that I may also come and adore him.

14. After they had listened to Herod Antipas, they departed. And behold,
the light with the long tail, which they had observed in the Orient, moved
ahead of them with a high singing sound until it reached Bethlehem and
stood directly over the stable where the infant was born.

15. When they saw this they were filled with great joy.

16. They then went into the stable and found the young child with his
mother, Mary, and with Joseph. And they fell down and worshiped the
infant and offered their treasures, which were gold, frankincense and

17. However, the voice again rang out from the light high above, saying
that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil for
the young child.

18. And they returned to their homeland by another route.

19. After the three wise men had left, behold, the celestial son Gabriel
appeared to Joseph, saying:

20. "Arise and take the infant and his mother Mary with you and flee to
Egypt. Stay there until I beckon you, because Herod Antipas is planning
to seek out the young child and kill him, since he fears that this babe
might wield terrible power.

21. "While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas
to teach him the truth."

22. And Joseph arose and took the young child and his mother by night
and escaped under the guidance of the celestial son Gabriel in the
descending light, which fled with them to Egypt.

23. Here they remained until Herod Antipas had a change of mind and his
inner fear abated.


24. When Herod Antipas realized that he had nothing to fear from the
young boy, who was credited only with great wisdom and knowledge, he
felt safe in his realm. Thus, he promised the messenger of the celestial
son Gabriel he would no longer pursue Mary, Joseph and Jmmanuel.

25. Now that Herod Antipas and his followers had changed their attitude,
behold, the celestial son Gabriel appeared again before Joseph in Egypt,
and said,

26. "Arise and take the young child and his mother Mary and move to the
land of Israel; all those who sought the child's life have had a change of

27. And Joseph stood up, took the child and his mother, and returned into
the light which once more had appeared. It brought them to Israel.

28. The celestial son Gabriel brought them back to the land of Galilee.

29. There they dwelled in the city called Nazareth, so that what had been
spoken by the prophets would be fulfilled, "Jmmanuel shall be called the

Chapter 3 - John The Baptist

1. In due course, John the Baptist came to the edge of the wilderness and
preached at the banks of the Jordan.

2. John the Baptist preached of baptism in accordance with the old laws
of god, according to which the way to knowledge was to be prepared.

3. He preached that god's laws shall be followed because he is the sole
ruler of this human lineage.

4. He preached that above god, however, stands Creation, the source of
the worlds, universes and all living creatures.

5. And so he taught that the genderless Creation is the mystery of all
mysteries; death and life, light and darkness, being and non-being.

6. And so he taught once again that god, the lord and ruler of this human
lineage and of those who travelled from afar, the celestial sons, holds
Creation in high esteem.


7. All Judea and all the people of Jerusalem went forth to John the
Baptist, acknowledging the wisdom of the old laws of god, and let
themselves be baptized by him in the river Jordan.

8. John wore a garment made from camel's hair and a leather belt around
his loins. His food consisted of locusts and wild honey.

9. While he was baptizing many of the people, many Pharisees and
Sadducees came to him who humiliated him with malicious talk.

10. But John the Baptist spoke, "You brood of vipers, who told you that
you will escape from future wrath, once your false teachings are

11. "See to it that you bear righteous fruit of repentance and learn the

12. "Turn away from the evil of your false teachings, which you carry out
with arrogance and pursuant with your greed for power and fortune.

13. "Do not think just of saying to each other, 'We have Abraham as

14. "I say to you, with his knowledge and his power, god is able to raise
up children to Abraham out of these stones, because he has knowledge of
the mystery of Creation.

15. "Already the axe has been laid at the root of the trees. Therefore, any
tree that does not bring forth good fruit will be hewn down and thrown
into the fire.

16. "You brood of vipers, in two times a thousand years you and your
followers, who pursue false teachings out of your own arrogance in your
greed for power and fortune, shall be vanquished and, on account of your
lies, punished.

17. "So it shall be when humankind begins to comprehend, and when the
chaff is separated from the grain.

18. "It will be at the time when your false teachings will be laughed at
and humankind discovers the truth.


19. "This will come to pass when humankind builds singing lights and
chariots of fire, with which they can escape into the cosmos, as is done by
god and his followers, the celestial sons,

20. "namely those who taught us the wisdom and knowledge of Creation,

21. "and who urged us to obey the laws of nature and live according to

22. "Oh you renegades, you brood of vipers, get away from this place,
because you are impure and cursed in your false teachings.

23. "Get away from this place, because I can by my own accord baptize
you into repentance only with water; but he who comes after me is
stronger than I, and I am not worthy of removing his sandals. He will
baptize you with the knowledge of the spirit and with the fire of truth.

24. "He has his winnowing fork in his hand; he will sweep his threshing
floor and gather the wheat into his granary, but he will burn the chaff
with unquenchable fire.

25. "The lie can never withstand the truth, which destroys evil in its fire."

26. As John the Baptist thus spoke, behold, Jmmanuel of Galilee then
approached John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him.

27. John, however, refused him and spoke, "It is I who need to be
baptized by you because you possess greater knowledge than I. And you
come to me?"

28. But Jmmanuel answered him, "let it happen so now, because it is
fitting for us to fulfil all justice, since we are both sons of the Earth."

29. So John consented and baptized him.

30. When Jmmanuel had been baptized, he soon came out of the water of
the Jordan, and behold, a metallic light fell from the sky and rushed over
the Jordan.

31. Consequently they all fell on their faces and pressed them into the
sand while a voice from the metallic light spoke:


32. "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased. He will be the
king of truth, through which terrestrial humans shall rise as wise ones.

33. Behold, after these words Jmmanuel entered into the metallic light,
which climbed into the sky, surrounded by fire and smoke, and passed
over the lifeless sea, as the singing of the metallic light soon faded away.

34. After that, Jmmanuel was no longer seen for forty days and nights.

Chapter 4 - Jmmanuel's Arcanum

1. From this day on, Jmmanuel no longer lived among the sons and
daughters of these Earth humans.

2. Jmmanuel was lifted up from the Earth, and no one knew where he had
been taken or what had happened to him.

3. But then he was set down by the metallic light between North and
West, in a place where the guardian angels had received guidelines by
which they were to evaluate the site for the chosen ones.

4. Thus, he lived for forty days and nights between the winds of the North
and the West, where he received the arcanum of knowledge.

5. During this instruction period he spent his days with the wise saints of
god and the guardian angels, the celestial sons.

6. They taught him the wisdom of knowledge.

7. They taught him about the dominion of god over terrestrial humans and
over his celestial sons.

8. They also explained to him the omnipotence of the Creation of the

9. They also taught him about the immortality of the spirit through

10. There he saw the initial forefathers, the saints of ancient times, who
were the celestial sons and the fathers of the terrestrial humans.


11. From there he went to the North towards the ends of the Earth, where
the metallic lights and chariots of fire came down from the sky or shot
upwards with a singing sound, enveloped in smoke and fire.

12. There, at the ends of the entire Earth, he saw a great and marvellous

13. In that place he saw the celestial portals open, of which there were
three different ones.

14. The celestial portals radiated in the most brilliant Zohar an area as
large as the lifeless sea on the river Jordan 8 .

15. Actually gleaming therein was the entire land of Israel, alive and true,
humans and animals and everything that was there.

16. In this first celestial portal, no secret was concealed, because the
Zohar entered into the smallest spaces in the cottages and revealed the
last intimate detail.

17. Inside the second celestial portal, there rose mighty mountains, whose
peaks reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

18. Far below lay deep masses of snow, at whose edges a different, brown
skinned human population built their huts.

19. The third celestial portal revealed a land of gigantic dimensions,
mountainous and interspersed with rivers, lakes and seas, where yet
another human population dwelled.

20. Not far from these three celestial portals had been built the palace of
god, the ruler of these terrestrial humans and of those who had travelled
from afar, the celestial sons, the guardian angels.

21. In his palace, god ruled over the three human lineages created by him
and over his following, the celestial sons.

22. He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons.

23. In the palace of god, there appeared to Jmmanuel two very tall men,
the likes of whom he had never seen on Earth.

Zohar: Radiant splendour of Creational energy [Talmud Of Jmmanuel] .


24. Their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes looked like burning
torches. From their mouths issued fire. Their clothing resembled a
covering of foam, and their arms were like golden wings.

25. They inhabited an environment of their own, because the air of this
earthly world would have been fatal for them.

26. These two men from the constellation of the seven stars were
venerable teachers, and they were together with two smaller men who
said that they were from Baawi.

27. They said: "People have come from the heavens to Earth, and other
people have been lifted from Earth into the heavens; the people coming
from the heavens remained on Earth for a long time, and they created the
intelligent human lineages.

28. "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a
unique way from other people on Earth.

29. "They were not like Earth humans but like the children of the celestial
angels, and of a different kind.

30. "Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their
hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful.

31. "Earth humans will now retain their inherited beauty and propagate it

32. "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other
human populations and the heavens, so as to generate a new humankind
and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people.

33. "Jmmanuel, you are an informed insider, begotten from among our
ranks by a celestial son.

34. "With your knowledge you will make the impossible possible and
accomplish things that Earth humans will deem miraculous.

35. "You know the power of the spirit, but beware of abusing it.

36. "Your own wisdom and the knowledge obtained through us should
contribute to the well-being of humankind, though the road leading
thereto will be very difficult for them and for you.


37. "You will be misunderstood and denounced, because Earth humans
are still ignorant and addicted to delusionary beliefs.

38. "They believe that god is Creation itself and not the ruler of the
celestial sons and these human lineages.

39. "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and
glorify him as Creation itself.

40. "But god is a human being, like all the celestial sons and the
terrestrial humans, except that he is vastly greater in consciousness than
they are.

41. "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than god, the
lord over the celestial sons and terrestrial humans, because Creation is the
immeasurable enigma.

42. "Jmmanuel, you will also be slandered as god and as his only
begotten son, and you, too, will be equated with the mysterious Creation.

43. "Do not heed these false teachings, however, because millennia will
pass before the people of these human lineages are capable of recognizing
the truth.

44. "Much human blood will be shed because of you, including your own
and that of countless generations.

45. "Notwithstanding, fulfil your mission as the king of wisdom, as the
son of Gabriel, the celestial son.

46. "The law for your creation was issued in the name of god, so that
you may serve as prophet and pioneer of wise knowledge for these human

47. "Fulfil your mission unperturbed by the irrationality and all false
teachings of the scribes and Pharisees, and despite the disbelieving

48. "Hence, following the fulfilment of your mission, centuries and two
millennia will pass before the truth of the knowledge you brought to the
people will be recognized and disseminated by a few humans.


49. "Not until the time of space-travelling machines will the truth break
through and gradually shake the false teachings that you are the son of
god or Creation.

50. "And this will be the time when we celestial sons begin to reveal
ourselves anew to Earth humans, when they will have become knowing
and will threaten the structure of the heavens with their acquired power. "

51. Thus they spoke, the celestial sons between the North and the West,
before bringing Jmmanuel in the metallic light back to Israel, to the land
of Galilee.

52. When Jmmanuel heard that John the Baptist had been imprisoned, he
left the town of Nazareth, came to and lived in Capernaum, which lies by
the sea in the land of Zebulon and Naphtali.

53. From that time onward Jmmanuel began to preach, saying, "Repent
and turn to the truth and knowledge, because they alone bring you life!"

54. When Jmmanuel went by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers,
Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew, his brother, casting their nets
into the sea because they were fishermen.

55. And he said to them, "Follow me; I will teach you knowledge and
make you fishers of people.

56. Thereupon, they left their nets and followed him.

57. As he went on, he saw two other brothers, Jacob, the son of Zebedee,
and John, his brother, in the boat along with their father, Zebedee,
mending their nets.

58. And he called them.

59. Forthwith they left the boat and their father, and followed him.

60. Jmmanuel went about in the entire land of Galilee, teaching in their
synagogues, preaching the knowledge of the spirit, and healing all
diseases and infirmities among the people.

61. News of him spread through the entire land of Syria, and they brought
to him all the sick afflicted with various diseases and torments, the
possessed, the lunatics, and the paralytics; and he made them well.


62. And many people followed him—from Galilee, from the Decapolis,
from Jerusalem, from the land of Judea and from beyond the Jordan.

Chapter 5 - The Sermon On The Mount

1. When Jmmanuel saw the people following him, he went up a hill and
sat down; and his disciples came to him.

2. And he taught them, saying:

3. "Blessed are those who are rich in spirit and recognize the truth, for life
is theirs.

4. "Blessed are those who endure hardship, for they shall thus recognize
truth and be comforted.

5. "Blessed are the spiritually balanced, for they shall possess knowledge.

6. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge, for
they shall be satisfied.

7. "Blessed are those who live according to the laws of nature, for they
live according to the plan of Creation.

8. "Blessed are those who have a clear conscience, for they need not fear.

9. "Blessed are those who know about Creation, for they are not enslaved
by false teachings.

10. "Blessed are the righteous, for nature is subject to them.

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