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English Edition of The BuDoZhi

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  The BuDoZhi

Cross Cultural Publications, Inc.





The BuDoZhi


By Thomas Yoon


"The Great City of MaGo was in the highest place
    on earth. In accordance with Heaven's Ordinance, it succeeded
    the Former Heaven.... MaGo was born in the Age of Presage. She
    did not have the emotion of joy and anger...."
, says
    the BuDoZhi (The History of the City of Heaven's Ordinance),
    an ancient Korean document hidden from public view for more than
    1,500 years.


According to the BuDoZhi and based on the author's interpretation
    presented in this book, the Earth (and perhaps the entire solar
    system) goes through the cycle of rebirth every 26,000 years.
    MaGo is the name of the Mother Goddess (Prime Consciousness)
    of the Earth who manifested herself from the original tone (vibration)
    of the Earth during the Age of Presage, a period of repose between
    the previous cycle and the current cycle. The spiritual origin
    of the human race, apart from the Darwinian theory of biological
    evolution, can be traced back to the primordial vibration of
    this pure period.


During the Age of Presage, the entire globe was submerged
    in water. The current cycle of the Earth began when MaGo pulled
    another celestial body into the watery Earth about 13,000 years
    ago. With the combined energy of these two celestial bodies,
    the Earth began its rotation again, and life-activity jump started
    back on the surface of the Earth. The Earth was surrounded by
    a ring from which harmonizing tone was continuously emitted towards
    the Earth.


After the initial period of creation, the Earth was periodically
    bombarded with comets for several thousand years, which resulted
    in at least three pole shifts between 10000 BC and 5000 BC. Also,
    these comets destroyed and reshaped the ring structure several
    times until its final elimination, and caused the return and
    recession of another Ice Age. Moreover, they caused many catastrophes
    including the Flood of Noah around 5500 BC, and the final formation
    of the Moon into its present shape around the same time.


Human ancestors, numbering more than 12,000 in four different
    races, had to evacuate the City of MaGo - the original garden
    of Eden believed to have been located in the highlands of the
    Pamir - during this calamity and dispersed into four different
    locations, all (at least three) of which became the cradle of
    civilization later on.


For about 7,000 years, the world had generations of the
    masters who strove to preserve the orginal principle of creation
    and keep humans in pure and harmonious unity. Two of these masters,
    HanUng (Anu) and ImGum (DanGun/DinGir) had far reaching influence
    over a wide region of the Earth, practically initiating a period
    of advanced civilization. Their dynastic history lasted from
    circa.4000 BC to 238 BC. The official version of Chinese history
    has erased, suppressed, and badly distorted the history of these
    masters. And their history remained vaguely in the memory of
    the Korean people, almost in the realm of myths.


This book is the first attempt to translate the BuDoZhi
    into English and to understand its archaic language with modern
    rational and scientific view in conjunction with other mythologies
    and histories of the world. The BuDoZhi - comparable to the Bible
    and the Popul Vuh - stands out as one of the most unique and
    important sources in the study of the true picture of our common


Table of Contents

1. Background Check 3
2. Who wrote the BuDoZhi? 17
3. Why did the official Chinese history fail to recognize BuDo? 22
3.1. The Confusion and Eradication 22
3.2. The Fabrication 25
4. Some of my personal views used in understanding the BuDoZhi. 28
4.1. The Question of World Cycles 28
4.2. Astrological Correlations of the Human Body and the Solar System 56


Ch. 1. The Age of Virgo (12960-10800 BC)
- From Chaos to Harmony 117
Ch. 2. The Age of Leo (10800-8640 BC) - The Creation and the Fall 158
Ch. 3. The Age of Cancer (8640-6480 BC) through the Age of Gemini (6480-4320 BC) - The Great Human Diaspora and the Flood. 242
Ch. 4. The Age of Taurus (4320-2160 BC) - HanUng (Anu) and the Beginning of the Civilized World. 300
Ch. 5. On the Threshold of the Age of Aries (2160-1BC) I - ImGum and the Construction of BuDo 327
Ch. 6. On the Threshold of the Age of Aries II - Master YuHo and the Sedition of Yo (Yao) 372

APPENDIX: Noah's Flood and the Birth of Today's Moon 465


ISBN: 0-940121-70-0
LOC #2001098364
Price: $22.95
Pages: 564


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