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   천체망원경으로 찍은 UFO모선의 신비Mother Ships in our Solar System- shot by J.L. Walson ! (PL)
Mother Ships in our Solar System- shot by J.L. Walson ! (PL)

동영상을 올린 사용자의 댓글 (purpleleisureologist)
2개월 전 6  Wow, beautiful. I long for the continuing moment when humanity awakens and can live from love, solely love, leaving behind all egoic, fear based, lower frequencies. How uplifting this shall be. Let us remember that anything is possible, anything. This was such a breath of fresh air thank you.

purpleleisureologist 2개월 전 6  TheWayshower1982
2개월 전 @purpleleisureologist Thank You for such a wonderful comment.

It is very inspiring and uplifting.

Thank You for being amongst all of us right now.

Shining through the darkness of ignorance.

Much love to YOU ALL.

TheWayshower1982 2개월 전 Guuster00
2개월 전 7  The ships are organic and are inter dimensional ships, and it has its own consciousness, and can be controlled by thought, and travels at the speed of thought. it is not composed out of any alloyed and the power source are most likely crystals. it can transform or disappear by thought by changing it frequencies trough vibration. The beings on board are higher dimensional beings, and there is no need to fear them, & the gray's are cyborg type beings.

Guuster00 2개월 전 7  TheWayshower1982
2개월 전 @Guuster00 You have nailed it my friend.

That is exactly what they are.

Much love to YOU ALL.

TheWayshower1982 2개월 전 generalzod4life
3개월 전 4  I Wonder whether these are structured 'craft' or Biological entities that live in the upper atmosphere? either way they are fascinating...and REAL. thanks for sharing.

generalzod4life 3개월 전 4  TheWayshower1982
3개월 전 @generalzod4life I think, that these space crafts are Both Bilogical as well as part mechanical in nature.

I am pretty sure that they are as conscious as we are.

TheWayshower1982 3개월 전 평점순 정렬 댓글
4개월 전 9  This video amazes me. The detail on these ships is amazing. If this is real then how come it isnt national news? I love the ignorance of people that say life doesnt exist in space. To think WE are the only species in ALL of the universe is ludacris. There are far more advanced beings out there. We are just a spec of nothing compared to what is out in space. Our gov knows, they just dont want us to know. 6:28 explain that haters. 7:41 couldnt have said it any better. We have nothing on this

Ciscokid42069 4개월 전 9  전체 보기
모든 댓글 (166)
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            로그인하거나 가입하여 댓글을 작성해 보세요. ParaglidingManiac
1주 전 @Guuster00,

I am practicing O.B.E.'s, so I think I know what you are talking about. What really wanted to know, is the location to look of rthose objects. I also have the equipment to film this.

ParaglidingManiac 1주 전 Guuster00
1주 전 @ParaglidingManiac research & channeled messages. But be aware that not all channeled messages are true. Look for the youtube channel Komurosan, most channeled messages are accurate, except maybe those from Sheldon Nidle.

But if you really want to know the truth, there is only one place to find it, and that is inside of you. rather look there, than believing the things I say. No media,education,religion,book, .contains the real truth, it can only be found inside a person.Just practice you'll see

Guuster00 1주 전 ParaglidingManiac
1주 전 @Guuster00,

How do you know that?

ParaglidingManiac 1주 전 ParaglidingManiac
1주 전 How about you tell us the coordinates of some of these space craft, and everybody will start to film them? For example - I have the equipment.

ParaglidingManiac 1주 전 ryancolemanstudios
1주 전 Insane.

I wonder how Massive they are.

ryancolemanstudios 1주 전 scrubbycritter
2주 전 I am sorry but I dont understand how anybody sees SPACESHIPS in this video. It is anything but a spaceship, it looks more organic and abstract, it doesn't even look like metal. It looks like energy or something ethereal. Am I the only one that sees this?

scrubbycritter 2주 전 xkakax
2주 전 these a reason why more intellectual beings dont contact us because they know what the majority reaction would be not welcoming and scared we need to start looking outside the box and use our brains that are there to sustain valuable start researching things that the higher ups are calling "lies" and "conspiracy theories" and you will sadly see that the lies were sitting in front of youre face the whole time

xkakax 2주 전 xkakax
2주 전 aliens mean no harm theyre just watching thinking how we need to get our act together and stop killing each other going to war and start to work together to create a better society a society that doesnt keep secrets from each other like our government and other big corporations we need to make this planet a better place giving the earth something in return for the life it gave us

xkakax 2주 전 TheRuppel
3주 전 that's what bright light sources (like some stars) look like if you watch them through really bad made telescopes ...

TheRuppel 3주 전 src438
4주 전 Amazing video

Thats look like a man-made brilliant extrodnery space-ship either Russians, Germany, Asians

or it's just a hellicopter with good camera's triks

src438 4주 전

New Aliens UFOs Motherships!!! 14th Oct. Proof Evidence!


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